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Fans of Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul breakdown the episodes, characters, and discuss potential outcomes, rumors, and casting.
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This is officially the Unofficial Companion Podcast to "Better Call Saul"! Welcome to the community! 

Apr 10, 2017

Mike weighs  a lucrative offer that could lead him into murky waters, while Jimmy scrambles to repair the damage from his rogue campaign. 

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Apr 10, 2017

When Jimmy's efforts to rustle up more Sandpiper clients arouse suspicion, he changes tactics--and finds a new use for his dazzling showmanship. 

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Apr 10, 2017

Mike tries to defuse a volatile situation before it blows up in his face. Jimmy's old instincts kick in as he works to clear and eccentric client. Hoboken Squat Cobbler?

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Apr 10, 2017

As Jimmy revels in his newfound freedom, his relationship with Kim takes a turn. Mike cuts ties with a reckless client. 

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Apr 9, 2017

Jay and Nickel return to discuss all things Better Call Saul...but before delving into season 2...we take a look back at season 1 and remind you of this podcast and why you should be listening. 

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