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Fans of Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul breakdown the episodes, characters, and discuss potential outcomes, rumors, and casting.
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This is officially the Unofficial Companion Podcast to "Better Call Saul"! Welcome to the community! 

Feb 25, 2015

Jimmy fights to save his name, even if it means a decleration of war! The Kettleman's were only camping and Nacho is free...and not a believer!

Feb 19, 2015

Jimmy A.K.A. Saul struggles with the knowledge that the Kettleman's are in danger. Though Saul's intentions are good...he may have just dug his own grave.

Feb 11, 2015

Who exactly was that looming character shoving a gun in Jimmy's (Saul) face?

After spending the first episode and a good portion of this second episode getting beat down...Jimmy finnaly gets a win. But at what cost?


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Feb 11, 2015

Nickel and Jay (The Angry Ginger) are back to dissected and look through this episode with a fine tooth comb. There is so much to appreciate here. The Writing, Direction and acting. This is one of the best Pilot episodes to a series either of us have ever seen!

Join us as we talk easter eggs, show theory as well as a bit of embarrassing creative gushing for the creative team of this show.

Out of the gate, we give this show a perfect 10! What were your thoughts?

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Feb 5, 2015

An introduction episode to 7 Days a Geek Presents:A Better Call Saul Companion Podcast. 

Get to know the hosts of this podcast, learn our thoughts on Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman and what is in store for everyones favorite "Criminal Lawyer"!